Online submission portal for Section 21 applications


The portal has been in development over the past few months. The new submission portal will improve the communication timelines between SAHPRA and applicants. The app also allows the end user to perform the following tasks:

Create a user account, manage the user account.

Submit an application (applications submitted cannot be edited).

Receive feedback and notifications via email.

Track the status of your application.

How is the portal accessible?

The portal must only be accessed via the e-services tab on SAHPRA’s homepage.

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Portal Categories

There are four categories of Section 21 applications that can be submitted through the portal:

  • Named patient applications – first time application
  • Bulk stock applications – first time application

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  • You are requested to submit/resubmit the re-authorisation application as a new application. The re-authorisation portal will be closed for further applications. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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